Explanation of Important Lessons For...
Explanation of Important Lessons For...

Explanation of Important Lessons For Every Muslim (hardcover)

€ 32,00
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Auteur: Imam Abdul-Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baz

Taal: Engels

    Pagina's: 372

      Uitgeverij: Authentic Statements

        Kaft: Hardcover

          ISBN: 9781792301681

          Sunnah center: Verily the book ‘The important lessons for the every Muslim is a valuable book concerning a topic of extreme importance by an eminent Imam, and Shaykh, advisor, concerned cultivator, who is none other than the Imam, the scholar, Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah ibn Baz; may Allah have mercy upon him. He wrote it giving advice to the Muslim Ummah according to what it was necessary for them to learn from the affairs of the religion, in the Aqeedah, worship and manners. He arranged it in an extremely beneficial order explaining the necessary matters of the religion, and the important obligations which are incumbent upon every male and female Muslim to know.

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