The Life of Muhammad
The Life of Muhammad

The Life of Muhammad

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Uitgevrij/Publisher: Dar as-Sunnah Publishers

Auteur: imam yahya ibn sharaf al nawawi

Taal: Engels

Uitvoering: Softcover

Pagina's: 96

It is vital for every single human being to study the life of the greatest man to have ever walked this earth, a man who changed the course of human history forever. No other individual has had such a lasting influence or impact in any sphere of human endeavour; be it history, culture, economics, social welfare, politics, diplomatic relations or warfare.

\"Indeed there is in the Messenger of Allaah a excellent model for all who put there hope in Allaah and the last day and remember Allaah often\" (al-Ahzad 33 : Ayah 21)

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