Explanation of the Hadith: Indeed,...

Explanation of the Hadith: Indeed, the Blissful Person Is He Who Has Been Kept Away From Fitan

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Uitgeverij: Makatabatul Irshad

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 74

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From the book:

Just how much more beautiful would it be that the believing servant is consistently conscious of this blessed meaning, which this Hadith illustrates, “who has been kept away from Fitan,” meaning that Allāh keeps Fitan away from him and shields him from its evil.

This Hadith is inclusive of the following connotations. It is unbefitting for the Muslim to seek out Fitan, expose oneself to it, involve himself in it, or be entangled in its complexities and dire consequences. Let alone put oneself through its wicked outcome (s).

Instead, Islam requires the servant to keep one's distance and avoid it. He should make efforts to remain safe from its evil. Avoiding Fitan is the main objective here; not heading long into it or being entangled. Instead, one should seek refuge with Allāh and beg Him for well-being.

Well-being is unparalleled to anything else. Whoever has been blessed with it has been gifted with a tremendous amount of good. Numerous supplications have been cited where the Prophet (May Allāh elevate his rank & grant him peace) asked Allāh (The Mighty & Majestic) for well-being.

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