Sittings in the Month of Ramadan & A...
Sittings in the Month of Ramadan & A...

Sittings in the Month of Ramadan & A Gift to the People of Iman in Lessons in the Month of Ramadan

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Auteur: Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 340

    Uitgeverij: Authentic Statements

      Kaft: Softcover

        ISBN: 9781532339080

        Sunnah center: This book contains 30 sittings and also 30 lessons for the month Ramadaan!

        “And from the virtues of this month is that the good deeds are multiplied. It has been narrated that the optional deeds are equal in reward to the obligatory deeds, and the obligatory deeds have the reward of 70 obligatory deeds. And whoever provides food to break the fast of the fasting person shall have forgiveness for his sins and his neck freed from the Fire, and he will have the reward of the fasting person without decreasing the reward of the fasting person in the least.

        Therefore, all of this good and all of these blessings and opportunities are provided for the Muslims by the entrance of this blessed month. Therefore, it is befitting that the Muslim greet this month with happiness, delight, and joy. And he should praise Allāh when he reaches the month and seek Allāh’s help in fasting and putting forth good deeds during the month.”

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