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A simple guide to funeral rites In...

A simple guide to funeral rites In Islam | From the point of death to the burial

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Uitgevrij/Publisher: Salafi Publications

Taal: Engels

Uitvoering: Softcover

Pagina's: 59

When a person dies, he passes on to the life of the grave and he remains there until he is resurrected on Judgment Day. The transition between this life and the next is a tremendous moment for everyone, and as such Allah, The Mighty and Majestic has legislated the Islamic funeral

A Muslim is obligated to follow the Book of Allah and the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings from Allah be upon him) at this very important stage in the journey of a human being.

This book has been carefully compiled to help families organize funerals in accordance to the Sunnah of the noble Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings from Allah be upon him). It is a simple (and illustrated) guide filled with authentic references. It guides you through every step of the funeral while highlighting the innovated and alien practices that are to be avoided.

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