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Impact of the Qur'an in mending Hearts

Impact of the Qur'an in mending Hearts

€ 7,00
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Uitgeverij Maktabatul-Irshad Publications
Auteur Shaykh Dr. Sulayman Ibn Salimallah ar-Ruhayli
Kaft Paperback
Pagina's 51
Vertaler Mustafa Abdul Hakim Lameu

Many people say; We hear the Quran but it does not cause us any reverence or remembrance.” Many people recite the Qur’an while they are absent minded; the tongue may utter the words of the Qur’an but the heart is absent. So; how is it possible for such heart to receive the effect of the Qur’an?! The Noble Qur’an is a healing for every disease; a healing for the hearts; and a healing for every bad thing; it cleanses and purifies the heart.

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