Becoming acquainted with the means...

Becoming acquainted with the means for achieving prosperity & happiness

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Uitgeverij: Makatabatul Irshad

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 99

Uitvoering: Softcover

From the book:

Within this Magnificant Qurʾān, which Allah spoke, He illustrated the means for achieving prosperity, salvation, and happiness. He (The Exalted), who is most truthful, swore that salvation, happiness, or prosperity are all impossible to achieve in this life as well as the Hereafter unless by these four means:

First means: ʾĪmān

Second means: Righteous Deeds

Third means: Daʿwah to Allah

Fourth means: Solitaire

These are the means and qualities one embodies to be among the prosperous. These are also the means for achieving salvation and happiness, so who is the One that informed us of this? Simple, it is Allah (The All-Mighty) who mentioned it His Magnificant Book. To be more specific, Allah (The Exalted) cited these means in one of the shortest chapters of the Qurʾān, which will be recited until the Day of Resurrection.

The great Imām ash-Shafiʿī (May Allah have mercy upon him) mentioned about this chapter:

“Had Allah only revealed this chapter has a proof to be established for or against His creation; then this would be sufficient.”

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