Allaah’s Outstretched rope & His...

Allaah’s Outstretched rope & His Character was the Quran

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Uitgeverij: Makatabatul Irshad

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 127

Uitvoering: Softcover

Excerpt from the Book:


“Do they not then think deeply in the Quran?” [1]

So ones concern while reciting the Quran should not be when is he going to finish the chapter or when is he going to conclude with his recitation; rather his only concern while reciting the Quran is:

“ when am I going to grasp the message from Allaah?”

“When will I understand the speech of Allaah?”

“When will my heart become influenced by the Quran?”

And, “when will I implement it?”

“When will I become amongst those who have been described in this Quran as being truthful?”

“When will I become of those who often repent and return back to the truth?”

“When will I become amongst those who have remembrance of Allaah?”

“Among those who pray, and those who are devotedly obedient and those who give in charity and etc.; When will I become Like  this?”

Imam Al- Ajurry, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said,

“Whoever reflects upon Allaah’s Speech, and knows his Lord, and is acquainted with his Lord; and is acquainted with the magnificence of His true ruler-ship  and power; one will become acquainted with the magnificence of His conferring virtue upon the believers. and knows the religious obligations placed upon him as it relates to worship.

Then he will adhere to what has been placed upon him; and he watches out for that which his protector, Allaah the most Generous, warned him against. So he aspires to that which has been made desirous in the Quran.

So whoever has this quality when reciting the Quran or while listening to others recite the Quran then this will be a cure for him. So he will be rich without wealth; will be given power without having a clan; he will find solitude in that which makes others lonely.

His concern when reciting the chapter when he initiates it should be, “when will I take an example from what I’m reciting from?” And his goal should not be that “when will I finish the chapter?” His intent and goal should only be, “when am I going to understand the message from Allaah? When Will I censor myself and criticize myself”? “When will I take it into account?” This is because the recitation of the Quran is a form of worship and this is not to be done with inattentiveness and heedlessness. And to Allah is the one who grants all success towards that.” [2]

So one should recite the book struggling against himself to obtain that; For this reason Ibnul Qayyim (rahimallahu) stated in some of his books,

“Reciting one verse with contemplation and consideration is more excellent and more beneficial than reciting the whole Quran without pondering upon it having no due consideration; and it is more beneficial to the heart and more inviting to obtain true belief in the taste sweetness of Quran.” [3]


[1] Soorah Muhammad (47:24)

[2] In the book by Imam Ajurry (page 10) “Characteristics for holding the Quran”.

[3] In the book “the keys to paradise” (1/187)

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