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Marital Guide - Fatwas, advice,...
Marital Guide - Fatwas, advice,...

Marital Guide - Fatwas, advice, guidance & comments on marriage and Its rulings

€ 27,00
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Auteur: Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 250

    Uitgeverij: Authentic Statements

      Kaft: Softcover

        ISBN: 9781792389689

        This book includes religious verdicts that clarify the rulings of marriage and its various situations.

        It also discusses the legislated beginning of the marriage dealing with topics such as: 

        • the affair of choosing a righteous wife
        • the steps of marrying her from her guardian
        • rulings pertaining to the dowry
        • observing good companionship between the spouses
        • knowing the rulings of polygyny and its conditions
        • the means by which marital differences can be resolved in the event of discord
        • the identification of invalid and impermissible marriages
        • the rulings linked to marrying the women of The People of the Book (i.e. the Jews and Christians)

         and other areas beyond this in terms of guidelines and beneficial advice.

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