Islamic rulings for incarcerated Muslims

Islamic rulings for incarcerated Muslims

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Uitgeverij: Authentic statements

Taal: Engels

Pagina's: 96

Uitvoering: Softcover

This book focuses on many issues that our brothers and sisters that have been incarcerated may have dealt with. This book deals with issues of Manhaj, 'Aqeedah, and Fiqh etc, and is beneficial for any Muslim to have whether he/she has been tested with incarceration or not. This publication is a compilation of Islaamic Verdicts from Scholars such as: Shaykh Wasee-'Ullaah 'Abbaas Shaykh 'Alee at-Tuwayjaree Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool Shaykh Sulayman ar-Ruhaylee Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee ShaykhJaabirebayd al Khaalid ar-Raddaadee Shaykh 'Alee Naasir al-Faqihee Shaykh 'Abdullaah al-Jarboo'a Shaykh 'Umar as-Sumaalee Shaykh Taraaheeb ad-Dawsiree Shaykh 'Abdullaa

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