Atlas of the Islamic Conquests
Atlas of the Islamic Conquests

Atlas of the Islamic Conquests

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Uitgevrij/Publisher: Darussalam

Auteur: Ahmad Adil Kamal

Taal: Engels

Uitvoering: Hardcover

Pagina's: 606

History is a mirror of the past days and nights of nations and communities. Hence the History of Islam is not only a mirror of the fourteen centuries of the Muslim Ummah but it also signifies the best human civilization on the face of the earth. So a stark necessity arises to acquaint new generations of the Muslim Ummah with great intellectual and political leaders and renowned personalities along with such men of achievements and valiant heroes who defeated false forces in battlefields in order to propagate the true religion in those lands where darkness of paganism and ignorance prevailed.

Atlas of the Islamic Conquests has been prepared in view of the same lofty aim. In it events of consecutive days, months and years of major Islamic conquests starting from the period of the first Caliph Abu Bakr Siddiq to the reign of Ottoman Caliph Murad III, have been described, with four coloured maps, in such a manner that the reader goes along with them and comes across wonderful historical happenings and new secrets of history are disclosed to him.

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